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The Office for Faculty Development strives to provide an institutional framework that includes a broad range of activities to help renew and support faculty in their multiple academic roles. Activities are designed to improve the knowledge and skills essential to their performance as educators, and to assist faculty members in gaining a better understanding of academic career development, mentoring, leadership, and scholarship.

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Upcoming Workshops & Seminars

E-Record Working for You, Session 1
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 / 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Medical Center, Louise Slaughter Conf. Room, Location 1-9555

The electronic medical record (EMR) has transformed in many ways how we provide care, from documentation, to hours spent on a computer screen, to patient communication. This workshop will discuss strategies for how to manage the new workflows and find efficiencies in a structure that many feel has changed the nature of care delivery.  We will also discuss the perceived and real burdens that the EMR has placed on the individuals working within the system, and identify systems solutions that we are exploring to support our providers. 

At the conclusion of the seminar, the participant will:

·       Identify strategies to streamline workflows within the EMR system
·       Discuss ways to manage stress that is specifically created by cognitive overload through  
        the EMR

·      Share system wide solutions that are being developed to support the individual provider

Presented by:

David J. Mitten, MD / Associate Professor of Orthopaedics and Biomedical Engineering
Sarah E. Peyre, EdD / Assistant Dean for Interprofessional Education, Director, Center for Experiential Learning, Associate Professor of Surgery, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing
Brian K. Steele, DO / Assistant Professor of Family Medicine


For additional information or to register for any seminar in the Wellness Series, please contact the Office for Faculty Development via email at Please watch for the monthly seminar announcement for updates and location.


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Wellness Series

Sponsored by: The Office for Faculty Development and the Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program.

We are excited to present the new Wellness Series.  Please click here to learn more about the program that our dedicated faculty have developed to drive  physician wellness and high quality healthcare.  

Other Faculty Development Initiatives

In addition to the Faculty Development Workshop series, other initiatives offered by the Office for Faculty Development include:

  • Technology in Health Professions Education (TiHPE) workshops are for educators who are interested in the application of today’s technology to enhance learning. Past TiHPE series focused on the effective use of iPad technology for teaching and learning, and on online learning. These series of workshops are co-sponsored with the Edward G. Miner Library, the School of Nursing, the University of Rochester Office for Online Learning, and the Warner School of Education. The 2017 Spring schedule is forth coming.
  • Academic Core Curriculum for Junior Faculty (ACCJF) - This week-long course is designed to help Senior Instructors and Assistant Professors identify the skills they need for more successful career advancement.  Course content includes career planning, research design and funding, and academic writing.  This course is co-sponsored with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  Watch for updates for upcoming seminar and workshop dates for 2016-2017.
  • Junior Faculty Biomedical Research Association co-directed by Michael (Rusty) Elliott, PhD and Michelle Janelsins, PhD, MPH  The Junior Faculty Biomedical Research Association is an academic peer group designed to serve the unique need of early-stage Ph.D. and M.D. faculty to promote success in scientific discovery, funding, publications, mentoring, teaching and service to the University of Rochester community.  Meetings include discussion groups, interactive presentations, and structured networking sessions.

Updated information about all of the workshops is posted as it becomes available.

To RSVP for any faculty development events or to be added to the email listserve for faculty development news, please contact:

The Office for Faculty Development at 276-3782