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Education / Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Our Mission

To build and sustain faculty vitality and development through the implementation of educational and professional activities that advance the academic missions of teaching, research, and clinical care.


Career Engagement, Revitalization and Transition

This course is designed for mid and late career academic faculty to help Associate Professors and Professors identify additional resources and skills as they advance and transition through the phases of their academic career. This course is co-sponsored with the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute. CERT is held biennially, and will be held next Fall, 2022.

Dean's Teaching Fellowship Program

The Dean's Teaching Fellowship is an endowed program that provides a rigorous curriculum to further the development of qualified faculty members based on their commitment to careers in medical education. The purpose of the two-year program is to further advance the development of a core group of expert educators, promote the careers of MD and PhD faculty in medical and dental education, and support educational innovations and research.

Early Stage Faculty Boot Camp

This year-long program is designed to help Senior Instructors and Assistant Professors identify the skills they need for more successful career advancement. Course content includes career planning, research design and funding, and academic writing. This course is co-sponsored with the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute and held biennially and starts in the fall.

Faculty and Clinician Wellness Series

Improving clinician wellness can benefit not only the individual clinician but also can be vital to the delivery of high quality healthcare. There are several dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical. Approaches to improving wellness include both individual and healthcare system approaches. This Wellness Series is part of the Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program. Many faculty contribute their expertise and time to help improve the wellness of our medical faculty and clinicians. The seminars are held monthly.

Faculty Development Workshop Series

These workshops help participants gain new ideas regarding teaching and learning from the lecture hall to the bedside; better assess learners' educational needs and goals; and develop strategies for academic career planning, mentoring, leadership, and medical education scholarship. The Faculty Development Workshop Series workshops include several guest speakers throughout the year.

Junior Faculty Biomedical Research Association

The Junior Faculty Biomedical Research Association is an academic peer group designed to serve the unique needs of early-stage PhD and MD faculty to promote success in scientific discovery, funding, publications, mentoring, teaching and service to the University of Rochester community. JFBRA is co-directed by Elaine Hill, PhD and Homaira Rahimi, MD. Meetings include discussion groups, interactive presentations, and structured networking sessions.

MS in Health Professions Education

The Master of Science in Health Professions Education is a 30 credit hours program designed for health care professionals. The core of the program includes three courses specifically designed to address the science of learning, and the foundations and pedagogical methods in health care education. Graduates of the program will be qualified to teach in a variety of settings such as academic institutions or health care organizations, and to a variety of constituencies including students and professionals pursuing continuing education opportunities. This inter professional program is co-sponsored with the Warner School of Education and the School of Nursing.

Online Learning

The Online Learning workshop series are for educators who are interested in the application of today's technology to enhance learning. Recent Online Learning series have focused on teaching and learning in the digital age, and best practices for online learning. The series of workshops are co-sponsored with the Institute for Innovative Education, the School of Nursing, the UR Office of Online Learning, and the Warner School of Education.

Rochester Early-Stage Investigator Network Program

Rochester Early-Stage Investigator Network Program (RESIN) is designed to help early-stage investigators develop the skills and knowledge to innovate and improve the efficacy and efficiency of translation, from discovery to implementation and dissemination within the Learning Health System and beyond.

Senior Leader Education and Development

The Senior Leader Education and Development (SLED) Program is a two-year cohort-based educational leadership development program created to address a professional development need in leadership development for senior leaders in academic medicine. It is designed to foster leadership competencies and practical knowledge from recognized theoretical models and best practices. SLED is a multi-faceted two-year program that includes monthly seminars, independent learning and reflective practice, real-life application through an individual experiential mentored leadership project, and engagement in a professional learning.

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