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Our Facilities

Strong Memorial HospitalStrong Memorial Hospital

At 886 beds, Strong Memorial is the flagship hospital of the UR Medicine health care system. Caregivers at Strong treat more than 117,000 ED patients and discharge more than 39,000 inpatients each year. In addition to providing routine inpatient care to residents of Rochester, the facility offers tertiary care services to patients throughout the greater upstate New York region, including comprehensive oncologic treatment, bone marrow and solid organ transplants, burn and Level 1 trauma care, advanced neurologic support, cardiac catheterization, cardiac surgery with ECMO capability, and continuous renal replacement therapy.


Highland HospitalHighland Hospital

Located less than 2 miles from Strong Memorial, 261-bed Highland Hospital provides care to more than 48,000 ED patients and discharges more than 26,000 inpatients annually. Particular areas of expertise at Highland include comprehensive geriatric care as well as excellence in orthopedic, bariatric, and gynecologic malignancy surgery.





Highland Hospital

F. F. Thompson Hospital

Nestled in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, F.F. Thompson Hospital is a 113-bed facility located approximately 30 miles from Strong Memorial. The Thompson emergency department treats more than 28,000 patients each year, while the inpatient services discharge more than 5,000 patients annually. Thompson has received multiple accolades for its excellence in orthopedic and perinatal care.