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FAQs- Applying

When is the Program Application Deadline?

Ideally, you would apply in September along with everyone else. If you came upon anesthesiology as an interest later on, you can apply but there is no guarantee that we will have an opening for an interview.  We have looked at applications as late as January, though. Feel free to email us to bring attention to yourself if you are a late applicant. Better yet, ask a physician letter-writer to email us and advocate on your behalf. We might take that more seriously.

Do I need to submit a supplemental application?

We strongly encourage applicants to fill out as much of the supplemental application as possible.  The more you give us to read, the more we learn about your reasons for wanting to train with our program.  We do NOT require the Altus Assessment for applications.

What is the cutoff point of year since graduation?

There is no strict cut off point, but we will wonder why you had a break between graduating from medical school and applying for our residency.  We do not get funding for non-US graduates, and we also do not get funding for residents who have trained in accredited programs before ours.

What is the USMLE step 1 and USMLE step 2 CK minimum scores - is there an attempt limit?

Ideally, you take tests well.  We do not want to spend the time training you to take tests while we are training you to be an anesthesiologist.  We do not prioritize looking at your application if you failed a USMLE exam.  We do prioritize looking at your application if you scored above 220.

Is US clinical experience required? 

If you have no clinical experience in the US, it is hard for us to judge how you would speak to a typical patient.  We look for evidence in your background and training that you will be a successful anesthesiology resident in a typical academic medical center.

What visa types are sponsored?

We only sponsor J-1 visas – NO H1B visas.

By the time of application, do I need to have my ECMFG certificate?

We understand that the ECFMG certification process is taking longer with the retirement of the USMLE Step 2 CS exam and introduction of Pathways.  When you apply, we will check to make sure you have started your ECFMG application appropriately and expect full certification upon receipt of your medical school diploma.

Do I need to stay logged into Zoom for the entire interview day?

Definitely not!  We value your time and do not expect you to sit in a virtual waiting room all day.  In fact, we will send you a pre-recorded Program Director introduction and informational video to watch ahead of time at your leisure instead of having a group session the morning of your interviews.  Please expect to have a minimum of 3 interviews, each about 20 minutes long on your interview day. We will provide a specific link for each interview, and ask that you login about 5 minutes early.   

Can I visit your program in-person?

It is up to you if you want to make an in-person visit to see the medical center and its surrounding neighborhoods. We will not be offering any in-person visits or "second looks" for applicants.