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Program Strengths

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The following points contribute to the UR Child Neurology program’s reputation for excellence:

Roxana and Bo

Roxana and Bo

  • URMC serves as a primary referral center for pediatric patients, including not only the greater Rochester area, but southern, eastern, and northern regions of New York State and northern Pennsylvania.
  • The large breadth and depth of faculty, including internationally recognized teacher-clinicians and clinician-researchers.
  • Diverse faculty specialties include Epilepsy, Movement disorders, ADHD, Neurogenetics and metabolic diseases, Neuro-toxicology, Neuroimmunology and Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis, Neurocutaneous disorders, Headache, and Neuromuscular disease.
  • Consistently ranking as one of the top six neurology departments in the United States for extramural research funding from the National Institutes of Health.
  • The Department serves as the coordination center for many large multicenter therapeutic trials in neurology.
  • Superb teaching by full-time academic clinicians.
  • Continued full accreditation for our residency program.
  • The program’s dedication not only to resident education, but resident well-being. A significant amount of training time dedicated to outpatient adult and child neurology, and a flexible residency format allows residents to choose different paths towards the end of their training based on their future career goals.
  • A close-knit, friendly "family" atmosphere among faculty and residents.
  • No in-house call for the final two (child neurology focused) residency years.
  • Significant longitudinal and block ambulatory neurology experience in all three years of the residency, including a resident clinic, and subspecialty clinic exposure.
  • The large amount of elective time available, allowing residents to develop very individualized educational programs.
  • The presence of pediatric residents to care for all admitted Child Neurology patients allows the neurology resident to act in more of a fellow capacity, and helps to lessen routine patient care burdens.
  • The affordable and high quality lifestyle provided by the City of Rochester and surrounding suburbs.