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  • group discussion at workshop

American Medical Writer Association Membership

An AMWA membership will be awarded to three participants who submit a EPA funding explanation (500 words or less) to Elizabeth Schiavoni at her May 17 Career Story at noon.  Your prompts (1) Explain how Environmental Protection Agency budget cuts will affect your hometown or the Rochester area and call your audience to take action to protect EPA funding. (2) Your target audience is a group of family members or neighbors, without scientific training or expertise, who are against government funding for environmental protection. (3) Write at a seventh grade reading level (use this assessment tool). Do not use more than 500 words. Do not spend more than two hours researching, writing, and editing. 

Sharing Science In A Social World: Tell Your Story and Win Some Prizes

Emily Boynton and Molly Miles from URMC’s Department of Public Relations and Communications will discuss how the Medical Center and other academic institutions are sharing science in the social world we live in. They will provide examples of different types of visuals and videos that get great engagement on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. 

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Why Choose Us

  • You can join a program that identifies and supports bold, innovative approaches to broaden graduate and postdoctoral training, including internship possibilities.
  • You need a team of mentors to be successful at the University of Rochester and beyond. No one person can offer you everything.
  • You will find out you are “not the only one.” Discover peers across a variety of departments that can support you by sharing their experiences.
  • You can expand your network by participating in face - to - face activities and discover opportunities through the URBEST LinkedIn Group.
  • URBEST leaders (and contacts) can discuss next steps for your professional development, no matter what career appeals to you


Comments from current and former URBEST Trainees

Jimmy ZhangI enjoy the professional and career development aspects - learning accountability, project management, team management. It's largely taking ideas that I already practice and linking them together with formal terminology.—Jimmy Zhang

The program has opened my eyes to the fact that there are other job opportunities out there for PhDs who don't feel like academia is a good fit for them. The URBEST program has helped me see gaps in my training and helped to fill them with important soft skills or experiences I may not have had otherwise. – Lauren (Rice) Walling

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