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  • group discussion at workshop

Thursday October 19 (9 - 10 am) - The Science of Great Ideas: Fostering The Creative Process

A two-hour session to introduce your right brain to your left brain. In essence, decoding the science of great ideas by fostering the creative process. The session will be lead by Vineeth John, MD, MBA, who will introduce you to some of the theories of the creative process (~20 – 30 minutes); and Charmaine Wheatley, URMC artist-in-residence, who will lead you through some hands-on art activities (~1.5 hours). Register at

Friday October 6 (9 - 11 am): Second URBEST The Grand Gesture (Trainees & Faculty)

The first ten people that arrive at each URBEST Grand Gesture, Georgen Institute for Data Science Room 1201 (near Peet's Coffee) get a crisp $5 to buy coffee/snacks. All others are welcome to attend but must by their own snacks. What deep work you select to focus on is completely up to you. A copy of Deep Work by Cal Newport will be given to people that attend all four (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) sessions. 

Learn more about Deep Work and The Grand Gesture 

Why Choose Us

  • You can join a program that identifies and supports bold, innovative approaches to broaden graduate and postdoctoral training, including internship possibilities.
  • You need a team of mentors to be successful at the University of Rochester and beyond. No one person can offer you everything.
  • You will find out you are “not the only one.” Discover peers across a variety of departments that can support you by sharing their experiences.
  • You can expand your network by participating in face - to - face activities and discover opportunities through the URBEST LinkedIn Group.
  • URBEST leaders (and contacts) can discuss next steps for your professional development, no matter what career appeals to you


Comments from current and former URBEST Trainees

Jimmy ZhangI enjoy the professional and career development aspects - learning accountability, project management, team management. It's largely taking ideas that I already practice and linking them together with formal terminology.—Jimmy Zhang

The program has opened my eyes to the fact that there are other job opportunities out there for PhDs who don't feel like academia is a good fit for them. The URBEST program has helped me see gaps in my training and helped to fill them with important soft skills or experiences I may not have had otherwise. – Lauren (Rice) Walling

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