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Neuroscience Degree Program


Neal ShahNeal Shah, PhD

c-Cbl Inhibition in Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Pathway Analysis

Advisor: Mark Noble, Ph.D.


Emily CrosierEmily Crosier, PhD

Linking olfaction and locomotion in mice

Advisor: Krishnan Padmanabhan, Ph.D.

Yunpeng PangYunpeng Pang, PhD

Redox-Fyn-c-Cbl (RFC) pathway regulates O-2A/OPC cell cycleexit and differentiation by thyroid hormone and negativeregulation of the RFC pathway during early OPC development

Advisor: Mark Noble, Ph.D.

Shraddha ShahShraddha Shah, PhD

Linking Attentional Modulation to Neuronal Feature-selectivity in Macaque V1

Advisor: Farran Briggs, Ph.D.


Holly BeaulacHolly Beaulac, Ph.D.

An Investigation of the Genetic Mechanisms Underlying Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Homozygous Foxo3-knockout Mice

Advisor: Patricia White, Ph.D.

Now: Postdoc at Munnamalai Lab at Jackson Labs - Bar Harbor Maine

Humberto MestreHumberto Mestre, PhD, MD, MSc

Fluid transport in the brain

Advisor: Maiken Nedergaard, M.D., DMSc

Now: Clinical Residency at Adult Neurology - Univ. Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Kathryn-Mary Wakim-TakakiKathryn-Mary Wakim-Takaki, Ph.D.

Assessing Combinatorial Effects of HIV and Cocaine Dependence on Brain Structure and Function: an EEG and MRI Investigation

Advisor: John Foxe, Ph.D.


Samantha AbbottSamantha Abbott, M.S.

Amygdala Connections Implicated in Social and Nonsocial Touch

Advisor: Lizabeth Romanski, Ph.D.

Now: Resident Manager at Lifetime Assistance

Joshua HinkleJoshua Hinkle, Ph.D.

Cranial irradiation-mediated dendritic spine loss is microglial complement receptor 3-dependent, sex-specific, and associated with cognitive impairment

Advisor: M. Kerry O'Banion, M.D., Ph.D. & John Olschowka, Ph.D.

Now: IRTA Post-Doctoral Fellow at National Institute on Drug Abuse

Monique MendesMonique Mendes, Ph.D.

The kinetics of microglial ontogeny and maturation in the adult brain

Advisor: Ania Majewska, Ph.D.

Now: Postdoctoral Associate at Stanford University

Kathleen Miller-RhodesKathleen Miller-Rhodes, Ph.D.

SOD3 effects on lung-brain coupling and reperfusion injury following acute ischemic stroke

Advisor: Marc Halterman, M.D., Ph.D.

Now: Associate Consultant at Eli Lilly

Patrick Miller-RhodesPatrick Miller-Rhodes, Ph.D.

The Mixed-lineage Kinase 3 Inhibitor URMC-099 Exhibits Broad-Spectrum Activity in Mouse Models of Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders

Advisor: Harris Gelbard, M.D., Ph.D.


Jessica HogestynJessica Hogestyn, Ph.D.

Human herpesvirus 6A latency gene U94A impairs motility and maturation in glial cells and neurons: Implications for neurodegenerative disease

Advisor: Margot Mayer-Pröschel, Ph.D.

Now: Postdoctoral Fellow at Sanofi US

Rianne StowellRianne Stowell, Ph.D.

Noradrenergic modulation of microglial dynamics and synaptic plasticity

Advisor: Ania Majewska, Ph.D.

Now: Postdoctoral Fellow at Univ. Rochester Dept. Neuroscience

Neurobiology & Anatomy Degree Program


Udaysankar ChockanathanUdaysankar Chockanathan, Ph.D.

Variations in neuronal population activity across behaviors, brain regions, and disease

Advisor: Krishnan Padmanabhan, Ph.D.

Karl FoleyKarl Foley, Ph.D., M.S.

Protein phosphatase 1 isoforms differentially regulate synaptic transmission and plasticity

Advisor: Houhui Xia, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Keshov SharmaKeshov Sharma, Ph.D.

Amygdala-Prefrontal Circuits Implicated in Expression Perception

Advisor: Lizabeth Romanski, Ph.D. & Julie Fudge, M.D.

Farangis "Fara" ZakusiloFarangis "Fara" (Tolibzoda) Zakusilo, Ph.D., M.S.

Protective mechanisms in Naked Mole Rat CNS: roles of extracellular matrix and astroglia

Advisor: Vera Gorbunova, Ph.D.


Colin LockwoodColin Lockwood, Ph.D.

Task Modulation of Optic Flow Responses: Neural and Neuronal Mechanisms

Advisor: Charles Duffy, M.D., Ph.D.

Now: Postdoctoral Fellowship at Penn State Univ., Hershey Med. School

Brendan WhitelawBrendan Whitelaw, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of ATP-dependent microglial process motility

Advisor: Ania Majewska, Ph.D.


Laura OwlettLaura Owlett, M.D., Ph.D.

Modulation of acute inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease pathology by Gas6-Axl interaction

Advisor: M. Kerry O'Banion, M.D., Ph.D. & John Olschowka, Ph.D.


Dawling Dionisio-SantosDawling Dionisio-Santos, M.D., Ph.D.

Ameliorating Alzheimer’s Disease tau pathology through immunomodulation: A novel role for interleukin 4 and glatiramer acetate

Advisor: M. Kerry O'Banion, M.D., Ph.D. & John Olschowka, Ph.D.

Now: Resident at Univ. Rochester Medical Center - Neurology

Aimee MorrisAimee Morris, M.D., Ph.D.

Functional Brain Network Structure in Focal Embouchure Dystonia and Related Disorders

Advisor: Jonathan Mink, M.D., Ph.D.

Now: Resident, Child Neurology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital