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URMC / EHSC / Career Development Program

Career Development Program

Contact: Jacob N. Finkelstein, Ph.D.

A bidirectional approach for research translation pathways requires the seeding of new ideas, as well as the development of productive interdisciplinary research teams of basic and clinical scientists. To assist in achieving these goals, the EHSC has formalized a Career Development Program that builds upon our ongoing success in mentoring junior faculty and attracting new faculty and takes advantage of the Center’s links to the CTSI.

Goals of the Career Development Program

  • Successful mentoring and career development of junior faculty.
  • Recruitment and mentoring of investigators new to environmental health sciences research, and providing Center investigators with opportunities and access to resources and technologies that will lead to the advancement of research programs in accord with Center goals and vision.

This program accomplishes these goals through the development of a mentoring team comprised of senior Center investigators whose expertise is tailored to a junior faculty member’s research goals. This mentoring team meets with the faculty member periodically to establish short- and long-term goals, provide advice regarding the research program and the logistical implementation, and review progress towards goals. Through links to the Center and CTSI, the junior faculty member is able to take advantage of multiple resources available to advance his/her research program and career goals.

As a whole, the program also informs and integrates research programs of newly recruited faculty into the Center’s research programs. Resources from the Pilot Project Program, targeted Faculty Development Funds, and IHSFC services are utilized to engage new faculty, enhance the likelihood of successful collaborations with Center faculty, and facilitate the ability to perform cutting-edge basic science, clinical, and/or translational research in environmental health sciences.