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Human Facilities


Human Facilities

The Human Behavioral Facility is equipped to measure a wide range of classes of behavior. We also have the capacity to individualize assessment protocols to meet your study needs. Key areas of service include:


Our staff provides consultation services, in person, over the phone or via email to assist you in identifying existing measures that would fit with your study, developing methods for data analysis, storage and retrieval, and general study planning and design. If you are submitting a grant proposal in which you will be conducting behavioral analysis at our facility, we also assist in the grant writing process and in obtaining approval from a research subjects review board.

Human Behavior Test Table

These are common examples of human behavior assessments. Other classes of behavior can be measured to suit individual protocols (For example, disease specific behaviors). Our staff can also work with you to build custom protocols. Video analysis is available for all protocols.

Function to be Tested (Domain) Human Tests
Adaptive Behavior Standardized Assessment
Anxiety Diagnostic Screen
Assessment for Generalized Anxiety
Assessment for Specific Phobia
Attention Diagnostic Screen for ADHD
Attention Switching Task
Rapid Visual Processing
Choice Reaction Time
Autism Diagnostic Screen for Autism
Learning Paired Associates Learning
Stockings of Cambridge
Intra-Extra Dimensional Set Shift
Spatial Span
Memory Delayed Match to Sample
Pattern Recognition Memory
Spatial Recognition Memory
Spatial Working Memory
Mood/Depression Screen for Mood Disorders
Profile of Mood States
Motor Activity and Reactivity Simple Reaction Time
Choice Reaction Time
Response Control Affective Go-No-Go
Cambridge Gambling Task
Informational Sampling Task
Stop Signal Task