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Animal and Human Testing Capabilities

By measuring the same behavioral domain (function) across species we increase the probability that findings in animal studies can be directly translated to human studies.

Function to be Tested Animal Tests Human Tests
Adaptive Behavior Functional Observational Battery Standardized Assessment
Anxiety Elevated Plus Maze Diagnostic Screen

Assessment for Generalized Anxiety

Assessment for Specific Phobia
Forced Swim
Attention Delay of Reward Diagnostic Screen for ADHD

Attention Switching Task

Rapid Visual Processing

Choice Reaction Time
Sustained Attention
FR Wait for Reward
Autism Play Behavior Diagnostic Screen for Autism
Conspecific Interaction
Learning Repeated Learning vs. Performance Paradigm Paird Associates Learning

Stockings of Cambridge

Intra-Extra Dimensional Set Shift

Spatial Span
Incremental Repeated Acquisition
Water Maze
Radial Arm Maze
Barnes Maze
Place Preference
Conditioned Taste Aversion
Novel Object Recognition
Odor Discrimination
Schedules of Reward (F1, FR, Progressive Ratio
Memory Delayed Alternation Delayed Match to Sample

Pattern Recognition Memory

Spatial Recognition Memory

Spatial Working Memory
Fear Conditioning
Mood/Depression Forced Swim Screen for Mood Disorders

Profile of Mood States
Tail Suspension
Sucrose Preference
Motor Activity and Reactivity Open Field Simple Reaction Time

Choice Reaction Time
Motor Coordination-Balance-Endurance Rotarod  
Gait Analysis
Motor Strength Grip Strength  
Pain Hot Plate Test  
Tail Immersion Test
Response Control Delay of Reward Affective Go-No GO

Cambridge Gambling Task

Information Sampling Task

Stop Signal Task
FR Wait for Reward
Social Behavior Aggression  
Play Behavior
Conspecific Interaction
Startle Auditory Startle