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The Highland Promise

"Compassion Heals"

When you think of Highland Hospital, you think of a "community hospital" that treats its patients with compassion in a friendly and caring atmosphere. That's what all of us who work here think of as well. We constantly remind ourselves how important compassion is to the quality and success of your stay with us. In fact, the Highland Hospital motto is "Compassion Heals."

Our Promise

Exactly how do we ensure that "Compassion Heals" is more than just a motto? Through the Highland Promise—an ongoing program of education and encouragement for all of our employees.

The Highland Promise—and it is a promise—commits all of us to excellence for our patients and our overall operations. And not just excellence, but excellence the "community hospital" way, with the emphasis on genuine compassion as well as top-notch treatment.

Our Goals

Our goals are very clear:

  • Quality outcomes for our patients that exceed the medical "benchmarks"
  • A healthy environment for our employees—people want to work here because they're valued and supported
  • A hospital that physicians and patients alike choose because of its facilities, procedures, and atmosphere
  • Excellence in leadership and administration, which passes through to the entire hospital

At the end of your stay with us, we want to be sure you're not only feeling better. We want you to be glad you chose us—and, should the need arise again, you'll choose Highland Hospital again.

Our Future

From its beginnings in 1889 as the Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital, to its affiliation with the Strong Health Network in 1996, Highland Hospital has provided quality, compassionate care. As we move into the 21st century, we will continue to build upon our reputation for compassion and excellence.

We will never lose sight of what a "community hospital" is all about. That's the Highland Promise. That's our promise to you.