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Nursing Model of Care

Caring ... The Foundation of Highland Nursing

Here at Highland Hospital’s Department of Nursing, our nursing practice is guided by Dr. Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory evidenced through Patient-Centered Care and Patricia Benner’s Model of Novice to Expert.

Nursing theory is the term given to the body of knowledge that is used to support nursing practice. Nursing models are constructed of theories and concepts. They are used to help nurses assess, plan and implement patient care by providing a framework within which to work. Nursing models also help nurses achieve uniformity and seamless care.

The Human Caring Theory

Introduced in 1979 by Dr. Jean Watson, a distinguished professor at the University of Colorado, this theory evolved from her search for the relationship between human caring and nursing. Dr. Watson initially identified ten carative factors, referred to as the “core of nursing.” These factors later evolved into what is today the Human Caring Theory. Watson calls the new factors “Clinical Caritas Processes,” which have a more spiritual dimension of love and caring.

Using Nursing Theory in Our Everyday Care

Nursing theory strengthens our practice by providing structure and a common language. The Human Caring Theory allows us to proclaim our beliefs, values and the very essence of why we became nurses. Our deep roots in caring set Highland nurses apart.

  • Caring is based on continuous healing relationships

  • Patients are the source and center of care

  • Care is customized and reflects values and needs of patients

  • Families are an integral part of the care team

  • All team members are caregivers

  • Caring is provided in an environment of comfort and support

  • Transparency is the rule in patient care

  • Safety is a visible care priority

  • Caregivers focus on the best interest and goals of the patient