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Quality Measures at Highland Hospital

Quality At Highland Hospital

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We're proud to share our quality measures with you. A quality measure, also referred to as a quality indicator, is a formula that converts medical information from patient records into a rate, or percentage, that shows how well a hospital cares for its patients.

Quality indicators are considered the best measures for determining whether or not you will receive quality care for your medical condition. Many of the indicators we use at Highland incorporate existing quality measures that have been established and accepted by national or professional organizations and government agencies.

Quality measures can help consumers rate the performance of hospitals, health professionals, and physicians.

  • Structure, such as types and availability of services
  • Processes, such as giving antibiotics prior to and after certain surgical procedures
  • Outcomes, such as infection rates, mortality, and length of stay in the hospital

Research helped to determine the established or emerging quality measures for many of the procedures and medical conditions listed on our site related to heart health and stroke, for example. For each procedure or medical condition, published standards are provided. These quality statements provide information you may use to help make more informed decisions about your healthcare.

Quality measures are provided for each of the topics at left. In addition, you will find information about the sources used to establish each quality measure. This information is provided to assist you in assessing Highland's ability to provide quality healthcare for you, and for your loved ones.

To obtain nursing staffing indicators and nurse-sensitive patient outcome indicators specified in Title 10 Section 400.25 please email with the request. The information will be supplied to the requestor within 30 days of submission.