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S. Prodanovic, S. Gracewski, and J.-H. Nam, Power Dissipation in the Subtectorial Space of the Mammalian Cochlea Is Modulated by Inner Hair Cell Stereocilia, Biophysical Journal, 2015 Feb, 108(3):479-478.

J.-H. Nam, Micro-structures in the organ of Corti help outer hair cell form traveling waves along the cochlear coil, Biophysical Journal, 2014 Jun, 106(11):2426-2433.

J.-H. Nam and R. Fettiplace, Optimal electrical properties of outer hair cells ensure cochlear amplification, PLoS One, 2012 Nov, 7(11):e50572.


Prodanovic (2014) Movie 1
Prodanovic (2014) Movie 2
Nam (2014) Electrical Impulse with Fluid
Nam (2014) Local_electrical Impulse No Fluid