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Andrea SantAndrea Sant, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
KMRB 3-9645
Phone: (585) 275-9798

Influenza specific immunity, vaccine design and regulation of T cell responses to pathogens.

Jennifer NayakJennifer Nayak, M.D.
Senior Instructor
Phone: (585) 275-9477

CD4 T cells in primary and secondary influenza infection

Anuj RattanAnuj Rattan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

The effector CD4 T cell specificities during influenza infection

Katherine RichardsKatherine Richards
Sr. Technical Associate
KMRB 3-9915
Phone: (585) 273-5385

Anthony DiPiazzaAnthony DiPiazza
Graduate Student

CD4 T cell responses following influenza infection and vaccination; vaccination strategies to induce protection to novel and potentially pandemic strains of influenza viruses

Marina KorolevaMarina Koroleva
Graduate Student

The effect of vaccine protein composition on the immune B cell response

Courtney LaveryCourtney Lavery
Graduate Student

Identification of APCs in the lungs that can interact with CD4 T cells after infection with Influenza A

Jishyra SerranoJishyra Serrano
Graduate Student

MHC class II molecule structure and functional changes in the recognition of CD4 T cells

Laura LockardLaura Lockard
Undergraduate Student

Nicholas PoultonNicholas Poulton
Undergraduate Student