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LSLC Policies

Please note, the we strictly enforce the Outreach Program policies listed below. 

  1. The minimum class size to register for a field trip is 8 students. The maximum field trip class size is 24-30 students, depending on the lesson being provided.
  2. One adult chaperone is required to attend the field trip with you for every 12 students. In addition to the class teacher, chaperones are needed to assist with the activities and classroom management. Please reference the table below to determine the number of chaperones needed for your class size.

Class size (students)            Teacher                Adult Chaperone                Total number of adults

8-12                                    1                                 1                                                2
13-24                                  1                                 2                                                3
25-30                                  1                                 3                                                4
  1. If you have students who require assistance or have special needs please disclose this during registration. This will allow our staff to be prepared in advance and ensure that your students have the desired learning experience during their trip to the LSLC.
  2. You must confirm the number of students via phone or email at least 7 school days prior to your visit, otherwise you will be charged for the number of students for which you initially registered.  If you arrive with fewer students than you confirmed, you will still be charged for the number of students confirmed 7 days prior. The LSLC schedules staff for each field trip session based on your registration. Additionally, our lab supplies and other materials are ordered and prepared in advance of each field trip session and often cannot be reused.
  3. Payment (cash, a check made out to the University of Rochester, or a purchase order signed by a school official) is due no later than 3 school days prior to your visit (i.e. if your trip is on a Wednesday your payment must be received the Friday prior to comply with the 3 school day time-frame).
  4. You must meet a member of the LSLC staff at the designated drop-off/pick-up location 10 minutes prior to the start time for your trip to be escorted to the LSLC labs. See map attached in your confirmation email for the drop-odd/pick-up location.  You should not navigate the halls without a LSLC escort. The day of your Field Trip, please call the lab at (585)275-0257 if you are in transit and anticipate arriving significantly earlier or later than expected. Otherwise use (585)275-0268 if calling prior to the day of your lesson.
  5. The LSLC is not responsible for personal items brought into the center by students, chaperones, or teachers (i.e. cellphones, jewelry, bags etc.). If you allow personal items to enter the center, please take a moment at the end of your trip to ensure everything is accounted for before leaving campus.
  6. Teachers: An ethnicity form for classes must be downloaded, completed and returned to the LSLC.  We receive federal grant funding, and are required to collect this information. Click HERE to download the required form. This form is for regular Field Trip and On the Road lessons when a teacher organizes a trip for their class.
  7. Parent/Student Lesson Organizers: An group ethnicity form for must be downloaded, completed and returned to the LSLC for both students and parents/guardians.  We receive federal grant funding, and are required to collect this information. Click HERE to download the required form. This form is exclusively for Parent/Student community lessons and is not required for regular fee-based Field Trip and On the Road classroom lessons.
  8. All permission slips must be returned to the LSLC before students can begin the activity. Please advise parents not to tear the form, as the full sheet must be returned for each student. Siblings must also have 1 form submitted per student. They cannot share a form. Click HERE to download the required permission slip.
  9. Each student must sign the permission slip along with their parents, indicating they have read the LSLC safety rules and agree to abide by them. It is expected that all students participating in the LSLC activities will behave in a mature and responsible manner.
  10. To be eligible for discounted lessons student participants must be accompanied by their parent(s)/guardian(s).
  11. Any participant who jeopardizes the safety or learning opportunity of other participants will be prohibited from participation in the LSLC activity at the discretion of the LSLC staff.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but ask all teachers /participants to adhere to our policies. Please feel free to call (585) 275-0268 with any further questions or concerns.