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Interdisciplinary Clinical Ethics Noon Conference

Wed, June 2, Noon - 1 pm, Zoom presentation; to register, email
"Justice is in Our Blood: Ethical Issues in Transfusion, Blood Management, and Hematology"
Presenter: Jessica Shand, MD, MHS,Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Humanities and Bioethics

Medical Humanities Noon Conference

Fri, Feb 12, Noon - 1 pm, Zoom presentation; to register, email
"Building Trust: Environmental Services Employees and Patient Care"
Panelists: Jeff Brooks, Ernest Ellerby, Terri Fields, Barbara Henry and Mannix Scott

Special Presentations

The interdisciplinary Cluster for Human Values in Health Care seeks to provide opportunities for people throughout the University community and beyond to reflect on, learn about, and appreciate ways in which the humanities and the arts can enhance people's health and the delivery of health care.  The Cluster supports several lectures each year, including an annual lecture featuring a nationally known expert in medical humanities and/or bioethics.

2019 Human Values in Health Care Annual Lecture
"Without Consent: The History of Human Radiation Experiments in Rochester, a Family Story"
Presented by Jon Stadt; Eileen Welsome, BA; Gary Chadwick, PharmD, MPH; and Rebecca Garden, PhD