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Jing Wu

The Wu Lab studies mechanisms regulating vascular function, epithelial physiology, and inflammation in renal-cardiovascular health and disease. Specifically, research in our laboratory emphasizes adaptive immunity, hemodynamics, and gene-environment interactions in hypertension and chronic kidney disease. The long-term research objectives are to understand the nature of renal microcirculation, the ability of the immune cells to regulate electrolyte transport, and the vulnerability of these processes to genetic mutations, environmental toxins, oxidative stress, and inflammation in hypertension and nephropathies. I am committed to promoting innovative, collaborative, inclusive academic research and to mentoring young members of the research team. My ultimate career goal is to apply our findings to translational research that may lead to the development of novel therapies for cardiovascular and kidney diseases. 

My research is continuously supported by fundings from the NIH and American Heart Association. Our original research has been published on JCIJCI InsightCirculation ResearchCardiovascular ResearchHypertension, and Function. With a dedication to professional service, I am an Editorial Fellow at the Journal of American Society of Nephrology (2023-2025) and an Associate Editor at Frontiers in Physiology (Sections of Vascular Physiology and Renal and Epithelial Physiology). I chaired the organization committee for the 2023 American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week Pre-meeting: Basic Research Forum for Emerging Kidney Scientists. I also served on the NIH Kidney and Urological Systems Function and Dysfunction (KUFD) study section as an early career reviewer and currently serve on AHA Fellowship and Innovative Project Award study sections.


A complete list of my published work is available at NCBI MyBibliography.

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