Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometers (LC/MS)

LTQ LC/MS Linear Ion TrapLTQ LC/MS Linear Ion Trap

The LTQ Ion Trap utilizes a chromatographic timescale to separate complex mixtures. In addition to this instruments ability to separate samples, it offers Automatic Gain Control to ensure the ion trap is filled with the same number of ions for each scan. This makes this instrument an ideal choice for samples that could potentially contain more than one protein. Sample data analysis is carried out using BioWorks and Sequest database searching software. More Information on the newest generation LTQ

Apex Ultra 9.4T FT-ICRMS with Apollo II dual source

The strength of this instrument is "top-down" proteomics, where intact proteins are analyzed with multiple fragmentation types (ECD, CID and IRMPD) to characterize PTMs as well as gather sequence information. The dual source allows for typical data dependent ESI analysis and intermediate pressure MALDI analysis. The system is highlighted by its sub-ppm mass accuracy, a wide mass range (100-10,000 m/z) and greater than 1,500,000 resolution (FWHM) at 400 m/z. More Information


This spray TOF instrument is ideally equiped for the needs of proteomics as well as metabolomics and drug development (mass range 20-40,000 m/z coupled with a quadrupole mass filter and quadrupole collision cell). The resolution exceeds 17,500 (FWHM) with better than 3ppm mass accuracy, allowing for de novo sequencing. The speed of this instrument make it an ideal choice for automation of LC/MS workflow. More Information on micrOTOF-Q

Other Instruments

Sutter 2000/F Laser PullerSutter 2000/F Laser Puller

This instrument uses a CO2 Laser to create capillary columns for our LTQ and LCQ LC/MS systems. More Information the Sutter 2000/F Laser Puller