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Scholarly Activities

Interns and fellows engage in a variety of scholarly activities.  In addition to research electives, interns engage in leadership projects and fellows work with a mentor on a scholarly project of their choice. Leadership projects aim to enhance interns’ understanding of complex issues facing a clinical service or education program, and expand their ideas about contributions psychologists can make. Fellows choose a scholarly focus that may involve development or evaluation of a program or practice.  At the conclusion of the training year, interns and fellows present a poster about their project at the Psychiatry Department’s Trainee Poster Day in June. This event is a 'jewel in the crown' of the education mission in the Department.  Trainees in psychology, psychiatry, and marriage and family therapy present their work to faculty, staff and community members during two hours of informal conversations, fun and food.


Trainee Poster Day - June 2023

Poster day 23

2022-2023 Postdoc Scholarly Projects

The Consultative Alliance in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Examining a New Measure
Lauren Mutignani, PhD
Mentor: Karyn Hartz-Mandell, PhD

A Subtype of Functional Neurological Disorder; Humpty Dumpty Syndrome: A Longitudinal Examination of Wellness after Diagnosis
Kelly Nye, PhD
Mentor: Michel Berg, MD

Antiracism Efforts in a Family Medicine Clinic
Elliot Spengler, PhD
Mentor: Traci Terrance, PhD, LCSW

The Rapid Stabilization Pathway: Motivation and Utilization Data Following a Brief Inpatient Intervention among Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents
Leah Ward, PhD
Mentor: Deanna Sams, PhD

2021-2022 Postdoc Scholarly Projects

Cardiac Reactivity to Standardized Sensory Stimuli in Adolescents With and Without ASD
Jessica Keith, PhD
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, PhD

Implementation of Youth Mental Health First Aid Trainer Training and Feasibility of Implementation
Abigail Monroe, PsyD
Mentor: Melissa Heatly, PhD


2020 - 2021 Postdoc Scholarly Projects

Partnering with Schools to Support and Staff Adjustment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Rebecca Copek, PhD
Mentor: Jessica Moore, PhD

Cultural Humility in Physician Communication
Jenna Eisen, PhD
Mentors:  Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, PhD and Jessica Moore, PhD

Critical Review of Cognitive Symptoms in Functional Neurologic Disorders
Daniel Millstein, PhD
Mentor: John Langfitt, PhD

The Effects of ACT Training on Clinicians' Knowledge and Use within Clinical Practice and Supervision
Abigail Rosen, PhD
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, PhD

Enhancing Cross-Sector Partnerships to Address Youth Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Needs
Allison Stiles, Ph.D.
Mentor:  Melissa Heatly, PhD

Caring for Patients with a Sexual Trauma History: Preliminary needs assessment of Ob/Gyn Clinicians
Lindsay Sycz, PsyD
Mentor: Donna Kreher, PhD

Assessing Motivation and Readiness to Change within an Interdisciplinary Weight Management Program for Outpatient Internal Medicine
Alexander Young, PsyD
Mentors: Andrea Garroway, PhD and Melissa Mroz, MD

2018 - 2019 Postdoc Scholarly Projects

Service Utilization and Progress Monitoring Within a Crisis Intervention Service
Tara Augenstein, Ph.D.
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D.

Psychology Referrals at Rochester General Pediatric Associates: Improving Workflow for Better Patient Outcomes
Margaret Candler, Ph.D.
Mentor: Olivia Chiang, Psy.D.

Staff Learning in a "No Hit Zone (NHZ)" Training
Stephanie Loupee, Psy.D.
Mentor: Aubree Guiffre, Ph.D.

Behavioral Health & Wellness Needs Assessment for Outpatient Pediatric Specialty Clinics
Katlyn Rice, Ph.D.
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D.

Taking a Closer Look at Psychological Services in a Skilled Nursing Facility
Katherine Schmieder, Psy.D.
Mentor: Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, Ph.D.

2017 - 2018 Postdoc Scholarly Projects

Helping the Helpers: Enhancing Connection Through Team-Building Among Mental Health Professionals in Integrated Care
Keisha Bell, Ph.D.
Mentor: Ellen Poleshuck, Ph.D.

Integrated Behavioral Health in Pediatric Neurology: What we Have done and Where We are Headed
Kayla Hunt, Psy.D.
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D. and Andrew Cohen, Ph.D.

Mental Health Screening in a Pediatric Population at Various Ages
Lesthia Isaacs, Ph.D.
Mentor: Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D.

Group Parenting Intervention for the Treatment of Youth Disruptive Behavior in Academic Medical Settings
Aparajita Kuriyan, Ph.D.
Mentors: Fabienne Bain, Ph.D., and Linda Alpert-Gillis, Ph.D.

Psychosocial Factors Influencing COPD Readmission: Engaging Interdisciplinary Team Care
Paola Rivera-Torres, Ph.D.
Mentor: Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, Ph.D.