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Students Stats and Facts

Current students and faculty

Our current students represent a rich diversity of backgrounds, life experiences, undergraduate degrees and other professional or volunteer work.  Some are local to Rochester or New York State, others come from across the United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina; recent graduates from California, Maine, Maryland, Texas, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin) and internationally (Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand).  Our faculty, many of whom have worked together for decades, also bring a broad array of personal and professional backgrounds to our program.  Most of our faculty hold dual appointments in our primary Department of Psychiatry, as well as faculty appointments representing teaching, clinical work or research in the Departments of Family Medicine, Medicine, Neurology, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and/or Surgery.

We currently have 27 (18 full time; 9 part time) students in the University of Rochester’s Marriage and Family Therapy program.   18% are male, and 82% are female.  63% are European-American, 11% are African-American; 4% are Hispanic/Latino; 11% are multi-racial and 11% are Asian/International.  Of the 12 faculty members in the MFT program, 25% are male and 75% are female.  92% are European-American, and 8% Asian.  There are 12 supervisors in the MFT program:  8% percent are male, and 92% are female.   All are European-American.

View PDF with detailed information regarding our students and recent graduates from 2010-2015.