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Pre-Clinical Testing and Imaging Resource

Mission statement

The Pre-Clinical Testing and Imaging Resource (PTIR) exists to enable pre-clinical testing of novel approaches to disease treatment by providing advanced in vivo imaging capabilities and technical support.

The facility can be used in wide ranging areas of biomedical research, including:

Disease progression
• Therapeutic development, drug efficacy, metabolism and toxicity
• Tumor development, growth and response to treatment

Cellular studies
• Immune responses to transplantation and inflammation
• Homing and migration of cell populations
• Stem cell engraftment

Molecular analysis
• Real-time monitoring of gene expression/regulation patterns
• Signaling pathways underlying disease
• Nanoparticle trafficking

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
• Engraftment, survival, and rejection of transplanted tissues
• Gene therapy


Helene R. McMurray, Ph.D.