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Cardiac MRI

What it's for

A cardiac MRI gives your doctor a detailed three-dimensional image of your heart. It can be used to help find the causes of heart conditions, such as plaque that is blocking blood flow or problems with your heart’s structure.

How it's done

A cardiac MRI is performed in a specially designed room. The MRI equipment itself consists of a large machine that creates a strong magnetic field. Because of this magnetic field, patients with pacemakers or other metal articles in their body cannot have MRIs.

During an MRI, you lay on a table which then moves within the magnetic field. Radio waves are used to create pictures of your heart and other tissues. These pictures are then examined by your doctor for any abnormalities.

A cardiac MRI is a totally non-invasive test. No x-ray exposure is involved.

Who to contact

If you need more information about cardiac MRI imaging at URMC Cardiology, please call us at (585) 275-5351.

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