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Best Way to Utilize a To-Do List

To improve the effectiveness of to-do lists, consider these tips.

  1. Write down all tasks as you think of them. Do not make your to-do list too long. If one glance at the list causes you to feel overwhelmed, that will defeat the purpose of the list.
  2. Add deadlines to each item or prioritize them by number if deadlines are not required.
  3. Pick one or two or more tasks if you can for each day. Do not expect to accomplish more that you have energy or time for. Be realistic and know things will get done if you use your checklist.
  4. Reward your self for a job well done by checking off your tasks and taking a mental or coffee break!
  5. Keep the list going and make it a part of each day. This can be a stress reliever because you will not have to keep remembering what needs to be done. Good Luck!

For more ideas go to: Powerful types of checklists

Keith Stein | 4/18/2024

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