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Diagnosing Compulsive Buying-Spending Disorder

A lack of international consensus by experts on the diagnostic criteria for compulsive buying (spending) disorder led to research, with findings released in May 2021. The American Psychiatric Association still does not consider compulsive shopping an addiction or a behavioral disorder. Still, after interviews with experts in 35 countries, at least two characteristics were described as "universally accepted": excessive purchasing of items without using them for their intended purpose (think unopened boxes of deliveries, loads of clothes in a closet with price tags still attached, etc.) and shopping as a means to positively affect or elevate one’s mood. It is hoped that this international consensus will lead to more studied and accepted criteria, lessen denial, and increase self-diagnosis by those who suffer with a shopping addiction. Do you or a loved one experience these behaviors? Not sure? Start with your EAP or a professional counselor to explore more.

Source: [search: compulsive buying]

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Keith Stein | 8/25/2021

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