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How to Build Your Talents

Outstanding employees (star performers) exhibit certain traits. One of them is “talent.” Talent in the workplace does not mean a person is gifted, like a violin prodigy. It means performing certain job functions crucial to the organization’s mission in a predictably superior manner. Talent is so crucial that organizations aggressively strategize to find and recruit it. Managers are often frustrated with their inability to develop talent from the ranks because of resource limitations, but don’t let that hold you back. Believe that you can be talented like star employees you know. Pay attention to what others point to as your “knack” for doing something well. Consider what you love doing and what seems to come easy to you. Challenge yourself to acquire added skills that grow your talent niche, and stay on the edge of your comfort zone, looking for ways to apply them. Soon you may be seen as a prized part of your organization’s talent pool.

Tracy Bussey | 7/24/2016

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