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Making Decisions Is a Life Skill

We all make decisions, but making decisions is a skill with identifiable steps. Try not to muddle through on decisions, especially big ones. Small decisions, like what color socks to wear, are easy. But big decisions with big consequences can provoke anxiety or dread.

There is a way to make big decisions easier and be happier with their result. With your next big decision, rather than ask others what you should do, procrastinate, or make a decision in haste to overcome the angst, try the following:

  1. Don’t delay the process of working on the decision. Dedicate focused time with a deadline for action.
  2. Make decisions with a drug-free, rested, well-fed, and rational state of mind.
  3. When making decisions, facts rule. Emotions and your gut feeling come second.
  4. If neutral experts are available as resources, use them. This includes professional counselors. They can help you stay objective.
  5. Before weighing options toward a decision, ask, “Do I have all the information to consider a decision?”
  6. Think, compare, and evaluate options.
  7. All decisions are associated with some risk. Know these risks before choosing an option in the decision path.
  8. Make the decision.
  9. Evaluate the outcome, effects, and consequences after implementing your decision.
  10. Respond or adjust if possible or needed.

Keith Stein | 7/19/2018

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