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Affected by PTSD?

Most people with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) are not veterans. Violent crimes such as sexual assault and robberies, accidents and injuries, natural disasters, sudden significant losses, physical abuse, domestic violence, admission to intensive care—or even witnessing such events—can lead to PTSD. Acute stress reactions are normal after traumas—but lingering symptoms such as frightening dreams, flashbacks of the event, sleep problems, hypervigilance, and distrust of others should be evaluated if they linger for several weeks.* Treatment for PTSD may be needed. If these events and symptoms match your experience, talk to your EAP or health professional to see if a plan for treatment and intervention would be a smart move for you.

*See more at [Search “ptsd 10 symptoms”].

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Keith Stein | 6/6/2019

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