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Build Resilience with Awareness

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, and adverse events. Resilience is a tool or resource you can draw upon and strengthen. Consider these few tactics that help develop resilience: 1) Build relationships with those you can turn to for support and who are dependable in their ability to offer acceptance, patience, and empathy. 2) Practice daily positive self-talk by achieving small goals you can reflect on for self-praise. Tip: Identify what you’ve been putting off, and start there. 3) Develop reflexes to spot the lessons learned from daily mistakes, slipups, and frustrations, and nip self-criticism in the bud. 4) Maintain a forward-looking mindset, with enjoyable goals/activities/tasks planned for days or weeks in front of you. Each of these tactics helps build resilience you can count on when the going gets tough.


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