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Putting Excitement Back in Your Relationship

If your relationship with a significant other feels too sluggish or routine (a complaint of many couples), research psychologists say the intervention is to plan new activities you both enjoy. Don’t panic—routines occur naturally because we are creatures of habit. One study showed an increase in relationship satisfaction while planning something new, while participating in it, and following the activity. Novel experiences need not be expensive vacations. A new hobby, project, or visiting local attractions, recreation, or picnic spots—nearly anything can do the trick. Shaking up the routine is a life skill. Use it to avoid complacency and stagnation.


For UR Employees

Strong EAP hosts a presentation on Wednesday, February 10 to take a closer look at how to prioritize and enrich your relationship through the lens of neuroscience. For more information and to enroll, visit the Well-U enrollment page.

Global Administrator | 2/1/2016

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