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Eight Keys to De-stressing

De-stressing is taking action to reduce the impact of stress following a period of continual tension, typically associated with being at work. There are many ways to de-stress, but combining different de-stressing goals together or in sequence may have a beneficial and compounding effect. See how many of these eight “de-stress dimensions” you can experience at the end of your day. 1) Get physical—participate in aerobic exercise. 2) Socialize with others who share the same stress. 3) Journal—write down your thoughts/successes for the day in a journal. 4) Enjoy humor—rent a funny movie. 5) Get fresh air. 6) Practice affirmations—stress is often accompanied by negative self-talk. Identify what these messages are and overpower them with the positive. 7) Meditate— mediation is a skill that promotes relaxation and builds internal energy. 8) Create physical change—rearrange a room, complete a chore, fix a doorknob, or make a small improvement in your immediate surroundings.


Tracy Bussey | 11/27/2016

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