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Physician resilience and wellbeing have been, and remain, hot topics in the lay media, as well as within graduate medical education. We take our wellbeing seriously in Rochester. After all, the bio-psychosocial model was described by well-known psychiatrist Dr. George Engel here in the 1970s. One of his mentees, Dr. Ron Epstein, one of our prominent Professors of Family Medicine has spent the better part of his 25 year career promoting mindfulness and patient-centered care. With these role models within our community, it is no surprise that there is top-down support for wellness initiative. AndresPet

In keeping with the UR traditions, we have been early adopters of wellness initiatives, as well. Our residents are involved in regularly scheduled activities with our employee assistance program, and partake in a variety of workshops. We have wellness sessions built right into our protected didactic schedule, and these sessions are coveted by our residents. Especially Pet Therapy! We even hold joint wellness sessions between different training programs! MonicaHipp

"Confessions" is a moderated, small group activity which Dr. Karan initiated in 2009. Originally touted as an activity to improve resident wellbeing, we now also see its relevance in formation of physician professional identity and integration into the medical community. During Education Days, groups of residents are relieved of clinical duties for didactic and interactive learning activities dedicated to subspecialty and other focused anesthesia topics. Wellness subjects, as well as time to attend to required administrative tasks and health maintenance appointments, are integral to these education days.


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