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URBEST is continuously developing a flexible experiential learning program that includes long-term internships (full-time, six weeks to three month), short-term internships (hours-per-week, three months) shadowing experiences (full-time, a couple of days total) and volunteer opportunities (< 4 hours per week, three months). If you are considering doing an internship, you must enroll in URBEST as a trainee and be engaged with the program for at least one year, if not longer. 

We disseminate experiential opportunities on a rolling basis throughout the year as opportunities become available, posting them first to our URBEST LinkedIn Group and then sending them to our URBEST email list. In addition, each November, URBEST will open an application process for trainees that would like to identify and initiate their own internship opportunity. Ideally, you should plan for your internship experience at least one year in advance. All trainees must be registered as UR PhD graduate students or postdocs while participating in their internship. If you are on some type of training grant or fellowship, we must discuss your stipend situation and make contact with your program officer to get approval for your internship. It is up to the program officer as to whether or not your internship contributes to your training.

Internship experiences are typically awarded to 3rd and 4th year Ph.D. students and 1st and 2nd year postdoctoral affiliates. This is because starting Ph.D. students normally lack the experience necessary to take full advantage of internship opportunities, while very senior students and fellows will need to concentrate on wrapping up their thesis/publications and their job search. We have supported a total of 16 interns for 2014-2016. Our URBEST intern selection requirements included:

  • PI and thesis committee approval
  • Collecting points through URBEST activities
  • Evidence of scientific productivity
  • One first author, multiple coauthor publication or another productivity assessment provided by PI

Ultimately, the decision to hire an intern rests with the employer who needs to comply with their company’s recruitment and hiring practices. However, the URBEST program will help trainees navigate the internship application and interview process, facilitate intellectual property or non-disclosure agreements, provide potential stipend support and/or arrange possible housing supplements.

For more information about internships, please contact

Opportunities to Explore

Internships outside UR

  • AAAS Center for Science, Technology & Security Policy (CSTSP)
    The center will provide experience in the area of Science and Security Policy. Participants will directly analyze and address science and security issues; CSTSP will also facilitate introductions to key individuals in S&T policy and security, both in government and other organizations.
  • Amplyx
    As a small biotech startup, Amplyx will provide experience in the preclinical development of antimicrobial and anti-cancer agents, within a small team context.
  • Astra-Zeneca
    Trainees will participate in research in the Infection BioSciences group, which is involved in drug discovery and early development (up to proof-of-concept) of anti-infectives.
  • Center on Medical Product Access, Safety and Stewardship (COMPASS)
    Trainees will work at Georgetown University with Dr. Jesse Goodman, recent former Chief Scientist and Deputy Commissioner at the FDA. He will mentor students and host trainees in Regulatory Science as part of the COMPASS program, providing an experience working directly on these issues and an opportunity to network with other Regulatory S&T policy professionals in Washington, DC.
  • Creare
    As a mature small business that provides engineering research, development, and consulting services to customers, Creare will provide experiences for trainees interested in biomedical engineering, fluid dynamics, robotics and other fields at the interface with engineering.
  • Excell Partners
    Rochester-based Excell provides hands-on experience of review of new technologies for scientific, technical and commercial merit/potential.
  • Geovax
    Will offer hands-on experience in a small Atlanta-area biotech that span out of Emory University, and which is presently working to develop and test a candidate vaccine for HIV/AIDS.
  • iCardiac Technologies
    Successful UR startup company that provides a full service cardiac safety/analysis lab serving the pharmaceutical industry. Trainees will gain experience in data-driven analytical approaches and in working in a highly entrepreneurial environment.
  • Litron Laboratories
    Small Rochester-based biotech that develops and markets assay kits for mutation and micronucleus detection will provide hands-on opportunities to learn about manufacturing of diagnostic assays and working in a small business setting.
  • MedTech
    Made up of >100 member companies in NY State, MedTech will provide access to hands-on opportunities in a broad range of biotech and pharma companies.
  • M.J. Fox Foundation (MJFF)
    Will provide hands-on experience in program management, proposal review and evaluation, and foundation policy development.
  • Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR)
    Trainees will work in the Infectious Diseases group at NIBR, gaining experience in antibacterial and antiviral drug development.
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
    Trainees will participate in the development of medical diagnostic assays and platforms, including immunodiagnostics and clinical chemistry assays.
  • Pfizer
    Trainees will participate in the Bacterial Vaccine Research program at a major international biotech company.
  • UIDP (University-Industry Demonstration Project)
    UIDP has >70 members (both industry and academic); it will offer hands-on opportunities in a broad range of fields.
  • Vaccinex
    Trainees will gain hands-on experience in a small Rochester-based biotech (<100 employees) that is developing monoclonal antibody-based products for several diseases.
  • Zeptometrix
    Will offer opportunities for hands-on experience in a highly regulated setting, producing validated biological materials & molecular diagnostic assays under a quality system.

Internships within UR

  • Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (CHET)
    Will provide experience in bringing bench work through to first-in-human studies via active, daily roles in many functions that exist beyond academic bench science, but are critical in translating bench research into successful clinical studies.
  • Clinical Materials Supply Unit (CMSU)
    CMSU operates in a GMP-regulated environment, under a well developed Quality System, and will provide experience in regulatory affairs & compliance.
  • Center for Medical Technology Innovation (CMTI)
    Trainees will participate in projects that develop technological solutions to real-world clinical problems, working at the interface of medicine and engineering; trainees may also participate in a semester-long team practicum project.
  • UR Ventures (formerly OTT)
    Will offer opportunities to participate in the review of invention disclosures (for patentability, commercial potential) and applications to the Technology Development Fund (for scientific/technical merit, licensing potential/path to licensure, market potential). For additional information, please read the UR Ventures Internship Opportunity Description.