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Toxicology Training Program Annual Retreat
Keynote Speakers

2023 Retreat

Suzanne FitzpatrickSuzanne Fitzpatrick, PhD, DABT, ERT – “Advancing Regulatory Science at FDA: New Approach Methodologies”
Senior Advisor for Toxicology, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

2022 Retreat

Kenneth OldenKenneth Olden, PhD - "Social determination of health as targets in precision medicine"
Former NIEHS & NTP Director

2021 Retreat

Michelle BlockMichelle Block, PhD -  "Microglia and the Lung-Brain Axis in Amyloid Pathology: Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease"

2019 Retreat

Jodi HawsJodi Flaws, PhD -  "The Effects Of Phthalate Exposure On Female Reproduction"

2018 Retreat

Mark HahnMark Hahn, PhD - "Models to Mechanisms: Evolutionary toxicology and the intersection of human and environmental health"