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Toxicology Training Program Annual Retreat
Keynote Speakers

2024 Retreat

Dana DolinoyDana Dolinoy, PhD, MSc – “ToxicoEpigenetics & the Use of piRNA for Precision Environmental Health Research”
NSF International Chair of Environmental Health Sciences, Professor in Environmental Health Sciences, Professor in Nutritional Sciences
University of Michigan School of Public Health

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2023 Retreat

Suzanne FitzpatrickSuzanne Fitzpatrick, PhD, DABT, ERT – “Advancing Regulatory Science at FDA: New Approach Methodologies”
Senior Advisor for Toxicology, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

2022 Retreat

Kenneth OldenKenneth Olden, PhD - "Social determination of health as targets in precision medicine"
Former NIEHS & NTP Director

2021 Retreat

Michelle BlockMichelle Block, PhD -  "Microglia and the Lung-Brain Axis in Amyloid Pathology: Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease"

2019 Retreat

Jodi HawsJodi Flaws, PhD -  "The Effects Of Phthalate Exposure On Female Reproduction"

2018 Retreat

Mark HahnMark Hahn, PhD - "Models to Mechanisms: Evolutionary toxicology and the intersection of human and environmental health"