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Toxicology Training Program Annual Retreat

2022 Retreat

8:30am Continental Breakfast

9:10am Workshop 1: Derek Crowe, MS - "Communication design for scientific posters"

10:10am Workshop 2: Rebecca Block, MS - "Your wellness: An essential ingredient for success"

11:15am Keynote Address: Kenneth Olden, PhD - "Social determination of health as targets in precision medicine"
Photo of Kenneth OldenFormer NIEHS & NTP Director

12:30pm Lunch

2:00pm Platform Presentations:

  • Connor McGuire, MS - "Xenopus laevis as an innovative experimental organism for the effects of thyroid disrupting chemicals on immune development"
  • Mackenzie Palmer, MS - "Involvement of lactate signaling in macrophage polarization during radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis pathogenesis"
  • Michael Ayers, MS - "Common and heritable epigenetic changes resulting from environmental oxidative stressors"
  • Christina Post, MS - "Binary and quaternary mixtures of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) differentially affect the immune response to influenza A virus infection"

4:30pm Poster Sessions 1

5:30pm Poster Sessions 2

6:30pm Dinner, Games, & Awards