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Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Cancer Epigenomics

The newly established Laboratory of Cancer Genomics in the Wilmot Cancer Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center is seeking productive and highly motivated individuals interested in cancer epigenetics/genomics. Current studies make use of molecular genetic and genomic approaches to understand epigenetic control of transcription and its role in phenotypic plasticity, intratumor heterogeneity and the emergence of invasive or drug resistant properties. Translational epigenomics studies in human cancers are focusing on defining epigenomic/genomic signatures associated with environmental exposures and patient outcomes with the goal of identifying novel routes for cancer therapy.

Applicants should hold a PhD in the biomedical sciences, computational biology or related discipline with experience in molecular/cancer biology, (epi) genetic/omics, and/or bioinformatics. Wet and/or 'dry' lab experience with epigenomics technology/data (WGBS, ChIP-seq, ATAQ-seq, Pro-seq/RIP-seq), single-cell approaches, RNA biology, gene editing, or cancer models (3D culture, spheroid/organoid) are highly desirable, but applicants with a strong background in a related area, track-record of accomplishment, and desire to work in a multidisciplinary team of investigators focused on cancer epigenetics will be considered. Computational scientists (MS/PhD) with expertise in bioinformatics, systems biology and machine learning approaches are also encouraged to apply.  Candidates should have excellent scientific writing and oral communication skills, as well as the ability to work effectively and collaboratively with others. Information about living/working at University of Rochester can be found at

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, CV and contact information for three references to:

Ms. Elva Mikk
Wilmot Cancer Institute
University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 704, Rochester, NY 14642