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Recovery From Bariatric Surgery

Right After Surgery

After surgery, most patients are in the hospital for one or two days and are able to drive after 10 days if they are not still taking pain medicine. Many of our patients return to work after two weeks.

Highland’s Bariatric Surgery Center patients can expect to lose between one-third and two-thirds of their excess weight with a LAP-BAND® procedure, or up to three quarters of their excess weight with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery within the first 18 months. Our dietitians and exercise therapists work closely with our patients to help them adjust to their new eating habits and increased physical activity.

It is important for our patients to remember that surgery is not a cure but a tool to help them reduce their excess body weight. Effectively implementing a meal plan and developing new eating behaviors will determine the degree of long-term success.

Back at Home

You should be okay at home without any extra assistance. Just remember not to carry or lift anything more than 20 pounds for the first six weeks (if you've had an open procedure). Follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure to follow the diet plans we give you. Remember to sip and eat liquids slowly. Don't forget your vitamins!

  • Exercise every day. Walk for 15 minutes, resting when necessary.

  • Participate in normal activities.

  • Use the stairs.

  • Shower carefully. Don't worry if your skin gets red around the staples. But do call the office if the redness becomes severe or you experience pain or drainage.

Routine Follow-up Appointments

Your first follow-up visit will be 7-10 days after surgery. Now is when your doctor removes the skin staples. You will also get a prescription for Trinsicon (an iron and B12 supplement). And while you're here, we'll work with you on preparing to transition from a liquid diet to a soft diet. We'll also review the lifestyle changes you should be incorporating, including exercise and eating "techniques."

Your second follow-up appointment will be four weeks later. If you have your gallbladder, we will give you a prescription for Actigall to help prevent gallstones during the early, rapid phase of weight loss.

Your third visit after surgery will be four weeks after your second appointment. If everything is okay, we will schedule your next appointment for four months later. This brings you to six months after surgery. Six months after that we will see you for your "first year after surgery" appointment. After that, you will come in once a year for routine blood work and prescription refills.

Post-Operative Bariatric Diets