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Implantable Loop Recorder

Loop VideoWhat Does This Procedure Look For/Show

  • This procedure is used to monitor for episodic heart rhythm issues that occur too infrequently to be captured on a standard wearable device.
  • This device requires inserting a small probe under the surface of the skin next to the breastbone using a syringe-like delivery device and a small “poke” or incision to place the device under the skin.
  • The device requires only a small needle injection of a small amount of numbing medication into the skin where the device will be placed, and usually takes only a few minutes to place.
  • Once healed, the device is usually difficult to see or feel and leaves minimal to no scar. where the device is placed.
  • The device has a battery life of about 3-4 years, and can be removed through a similar procedure to the placement procedure.
  • The device is slightly larger than a matchstick.
  • The device reports back via a cellular phone-like mechanism to our central monitoring center to provide constant updates on any presence of a heart rhythm issue.

How Long Does This Procedure Take

This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes in total.

What Preparation is Required Prior To This Procedure

 No preparation is needed for this procedure.

Who Performs/Interprets This Procedure

The procedure is performed by a Cardiologist trained in device insertion and monitoring.


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