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Jones Memorial Hospital / A Century of Caring

A Century of Caring

It's Our Birthday!

A few words from Eva Benedict, CEO at Jones Memorial Hospital

This year, Jones Memorial Hospital is celebrating our 100th anniversary. It has been a century of changes since our first patient was admitted on June 27, 1921 but throughout our history, the one thing that has remained constant is the support of our community and the dedication of our staff. I have found that one of the joys of working in healthcare in a rural setting is that not only are you are taking care of your family, your friends, and your neighbors but you are working alongside of them.

Throughout our long history, whenever the hospital has needed something, the community has answered the call. It is the relationship between Jones Memorial Hospital and the community we serve that is the foundation of our success and something to celebrate.   

Since the very beginning, when Gertrude Jones left her home and an endowment to the Village of Wellsville with instructions to open a public hospital, the community has played an important role in the local healthcare scene.  Starting right from the beginning when the Village residents voted by an overwhelming majority to accept the gift bestowed by Mrs. Jones.

From that day to this, local citizens have stepped up to ensure that Jones Memorial has what it needs to fulfill our mission.  

The first major addition came about when Angie Cobb Tullar visited her newborn grandson at the hospital shortly after he was born in 1928. A local philanthropist and life-long friend of Gertrude Jones, Mrs. Tullar was convinced that mothers and newborns should be cared for in a space separate from the general patient population. The entire cost of building Tullar Maternity Annex, which included two delivery rooms, a nursery, an isolation nursery, two full bathrooms, a kitchen, two wards, and seven private rooms, was paid for by Mrs. Tullar. What an incredible legacy – one that continues to benefit the community by keeping most obstetrical care local. 

These early examples of community support are just the tip of the iceberg. It is thanks to you and your continued support of Jones Memorial and our events that we were recently recognized with the HANYS 2020 Community Health Improvement Award. By sponsoring and participating in the RidgeWalk & Run and the GLOW Run & Walk 5K, we have the funds to put back in to the community for wellness efforts.

Jones Memorial has a place in the history of nearly every local family. From births to end of life care and everything in between, Jones Memorial has been here, on the corner of Main and Pearl providing the high quality healthcare with a hometown touch. With you help and continued support, we will be here another 100 years!