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Swing Bed Program

Short-term Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Patients often require extended hospitalization as the result of an injury or illness. However, during this period they may reach a point in their recovery where they no longer require hospitalization but are physically not ready to return to their homes or another setting. The swing bed program at Jones Memorial Hospital offers an alternative level of care to extend the stay in the hospital until they can be safely discharged.

Some examples of problems suitable for swing bed care include:

  • Wounds that are not healing well or require special care
  • Pain management
  • IV or nutritional therapy
  • Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement, vascular or abdominal surgery.
  • Repeated hospitalizations that result in a need for strengthening.

Once transitioned to a swing bed, the patient will receive nursing support and rehabilitation if prescribed while being encouraged to become more independent in their own care. Dressing in their own clothing will be expected. Please make arrangements to have clothing that is appropriate for exercising in available. The physician will visit one or two times weekly and be available for consultation but won't be providing the intensive, daily attention that was necessary when the condition was acute.

If rehabilitation services are prescribed, the patient may receive physical, occupational or speech therapy as appropriate. Skills needed to transition to home or a less acute setting will be emphasized. The occupational therapist will work on dressing and activities of daily living skills. The physical therapist will concentrate on strength and endurance to improve ambulation and restore patients' functional ability. Medicare patients meeting the accepted criteria are eligible for full payment for up to 20 days of swing bed care. Payment beyond the first 20 days will require a co-pay. With pre-certification other insurances might also pay for this level of care. The case managers will work closely with the patient, the families and the medical team to determine eligibility, implement a treatment plan and monitor progress.

For more information, contact Case Managers Ellen Lowry or Marene Johnson.