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Health Humanities & Bioethics Pathways

The Health Humanities Pathway and Bioethics Pathway reinforce the biopsychosocial approach to patient-centered, humanistic practices and provides students with the opportunity to develop a project that applies the methods and perspectives from the humanities to their medical education. Students participate in a variety of diverse activities, including ethics, humanities, and arts-based courses and activities; clinical bioethics and research activities, as well as special events and competitive awards.  


The Pathway program provides medical students with an enriched experience in humanities and clinical ethics throughout their four years of medical school. Students with particular interests in humanities, social medicine, or bioethics have diversified opportunities in a variety of clinical and research activities, as well as special events and competitive awards.


  • To provide creative, research and teaching opportunities for students with interest and skills in health humanities or bioethics.
  • To develop student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes about healthcare,  the theories and practices of medicine and the consequences for patients through the study of humanities perspectives and methods.
  • To reinforce the biospychosocial approach to the patient-centered, humanistic medical practices through the integration of the humanities with the sciences in the curriculum.

How to Apply

In Phase 1, submit a Pathway application by November 16. Contact Christine Donnelly with any questions.

Contact Us

Bioethics Pathway

Jessica C. Shand, M.D., M.H.S.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Health Humanities, and Bioethics
Director, Bioethics Pathway
(585) 275-5800

Health Humanities Pathway

Erik Larsen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Health Humanities and Bioethics
Director, Health Humanities Pathway
(585) 275-5800

Pathway Coordinator

Christine Donnelly
Department of Health Humanities & Bioethics
Room G-8011
(585) 275-5800

Health Humanities and Bioethics Pathways Blog