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ORA Flash

ORA Flash exists to educate the members of the OB/GYN department about grants and related issues, to keep us in touch with each other’s research, and to offer resources to make the whole grant process easier.  If there’s something you’d like us to include in an upcoming issue, please let us know!

Current Issue:

Please see the Ob/Gyn Inside Story website for the current edition of ORA Flash. Thanks!

Past Issues:

Volume 1, Issue 6 published January 15, 2009

In this issue, we describe the new pairing project that matches PhDs and MDs to enhance translational research in Ob/Gyn, provide some timely information about upcoming grant proposal plans, and offer up our longest congratulation section yet.

Volume 1, Issue 5 published November 18, 2008

Inside you’ll find a feature on REIU, the latest on the NIH Public Access Policy, and many of the names of your colleagues as we highlight their achievements.

Volume 1, Issue 4 published September 22, 2008

Inside this issue you’ll find: timely information on the Resident Research program, a new fellow in CRE, and, of course, the latest achievements of your colleagues in Ob/Gyn. 

Volume 1, Issue 3 published July 25, 2008

Included in this issue: two grant opportunities, good news from your colleagues and a few important tidbits of information. 

Volume 1, Issue 2 published May 15, 2008

In this issue, we highlight the Resident Research Day, the upcoming WRHR Scholars Symposium and offer timely information on departmental events.

Volume 1, Issue 1 published March 20, 2008

Our very first issue includes an introduction to the many services ORA offers, a schedule of the upcoming Research Workshop presentations, and good news from your colleagues. This issue was published to coincide with the open house for the new ORA offices.