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Strong Perinatal Associates

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Strong Perinatal Associates (SPA) is a private perinatal practice affiliated with Strong Memorial Hospital. The office is located at 500 Red Creek Dr., Suite 210. The office also has facilities for ultrasound, genetic evaluation, and prenatal fetal antepartum heart rate monitoring. SPA is exclusively an obstetrical practice providing comprehensive obstetrical care for patients with complicated pregnancies.  Patients are referred to SPA by other doctors because of various risk factors in their present pregnancy or problems during a previous pregnancy. After the pregnancy, you will be either referred back to your gynecologist or given a referral to another OBGYN.  Some patients referred to SPA are seen as early as 6 weeks into their pregnancy; others will join us later in the pregnancy, perhaps in the third trimester.

Your first visit with us usually is lengthy, so it is best to be prepared for a 1-2 hour appointment in the event that additional tests such as ultrasound or fetal heart rate monitoring are ordered. Your subsequent prenatal visits usually will be shorter.