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Our GI subspecialty practice is split into three daily services, due to volume. A fellow previews all the cases on one particular service, then meets with the attending for signout. The fellow also previews all medical liver biopsies and attends the daily afternoon consensus conference.

One day per week is designated a "research day," where the fellow may focus on other professional activities rather than previewing cases. Fellows are expected to undertake at least one research project during the academic year, which will be submitted in abstract form to a national meeting (USCAP, CAP, etc.) and submitted in manuscript form to an academic journal for publication.


  • Present weekly at hepatocellular carcinoma tumor board
  • Present weekly at gastrointestinal oncology tumor board
  • Gastroenterology fellow liver and luminal gastrointestinal tract teaching
  • Liver transplant conference
  • Surgical pathology interesting case conference
  • Radiology/pathology case conference
  • Pathology Grand Rounds
  • Daily gastrointestinal pathology consensus conference