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Cardiopulmonary and Metabolic Testing

VIASYSOur state of the art metabolic system can measure breath by breath or mixing chamber oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, minute ventilation, anaerobic threshold detection, flow volume loops, lung subdivisions, and maximal voluntary ventilation. These measurements can be useful to determine aerobic capacity, VO2 Peak, VO2 Maximum, work capacity, pulmonary function, and resting energy expenditure as well as many other clinical research outcomes.


Maximal Oxygen Consumption (MAX VO2)

Cardiorespiratory fitness is related Participant walking on treadmillto the ability to perform large muscle, dynamic, moderate-to-high intensity exercise for prolonged periods. Performance of such exercise depends on the functional state of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and skeletal muscle systems. Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) is the criterion measure of cardiorespiratory fitness. VO2max is closely related to the functional capacity of the heart. The VIAYSIS VMAX metabolic system conveniently located in the PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Core Laboratory at URMC has the capability of measuring VO2max by open circuit spirometry providing valuable data for your research study.

Resting Energy Expenditure (REE)

vitalsThe PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Core Laboratory has the capability of measure Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), the number of calories burned at rest per day. REE provides the total caloric expenditure in 24 hours and is calculated from the gas exchange data collected by the VIAYSIS VMAX metabolic system.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)

PFTThe PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Core Laboratory offers a range of spirometric pulmonary function tests such as forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), flow volume loops, and maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV).

Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

6MWTThe ability to walk for a distance is a measure of physical function and an important component of quality of life. The six minute walk test is a standardized protocol field test conducted in the PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Core Laboratory as well as outside of the laboratory. VO2max can be estimated from 6MWT results using multivariate equations. This test can be performed by elderly and patients who can not be tested with standard treadmill exercise equipment.