Why Choose Strong Nursing

Individual ChoicesNurse at Computer

Right from the start, Strong sees you as an individual with particular goals, skills and experiences and responds to you accordingly with a customized orientation. You will join a diverse and talented team.

Through your career at Strong, you are offered expert career path planning through the Clinical Advancement System (CAS). With more that 50 clinical specialties, you have the opportunity to find a match for your interested and to move between specialties as your interests evolve or change.

State of the Art Nursing

Nurses who choose Strong Memorial Hospital or Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong tend to stay. Each year, a small percentage of nursing positions are open at Strong.

There are many reasons Strong nurses stay put; a key reason is the state-of-the-art nursing practiced here. Strong offers positions on multidisciplinary teams that are transforming heath care; opportunities to keep learning; access to cutting-edge technology and procedures; participation in innovative research; and patients with injuries or illnesses that require everything from proficiency in primary care to expertise in tertiary and quaternary care.

Reputation for Nursing Excellence

In a survey of the Rochester area by the National Research Corporation, more that 40% of the respondents chose Strong--Rochester's first nurse Magnet hospital--as having the best nurses, more that two times the number who chose any other hospital.

Strong Nurses Rate Themselves as Very Satisfied in a National Survey

Every 2 years, nurses at Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children's Hospital participate in the well-regarded National Database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) survey--a survey of approximately 145,000 nurses in the United States. Strong Nurses give high marks to their experience in every category of the survey!

Outstanding Patient Care

Strong Nurse recognized excellence in practice and delivery of outstanding patient care. Laurie Kopin, MS, RN, ANP received the Terry Thomas Clinical Practice Award from the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association. She has built an environment of wellness and support for patients!