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Pilot Program Award Recipients

Award Type Recipient Department Project Title
Pilot Carrie Dykes (UR) Medicine, Infectious Diseases  Measurement of Burst Size of HIV-1 Drug Resistant Mutants Using Nano-Optic Spectrophotometry
Pilot James Kobie (UR) Medicine, Infectious Diseases  Modeling the co-evolution of HIV and the HIV-specific B cell response
Pilot James McMahon (UR) School of Nursing Men’s Heterosexual Behavior and HIV Risk: Revision to R01HD057793-A1
Pilot Benjamin Miller (UR) Dermatology Small Molecules Targeting HIV-1 Frameshift Regulatory RNA: Revision to R01 GM087139-01
Pilot Hongyu Miao (UR) Biostatistics and Computational Biology Computational Approaches for HIV Viral Fitness Research
Pilot Dianne Morrison-Beady (UR) School of Nursing Community adults and parents response to HIV prevention intervention girls 12-15
Pilot Clara Kielkopf (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics  Molecular basis for Staufen incorporation in the HIV-1 nucleocapsid
Pilot Wan Tang (UR) Biostatistics and Computational Biology Modeling Sexual Risk Factors for Adolescent Girls
Pilot Peter Sims (UR) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Role of PLSCR1 in HIV-1 Interaction with CD4
Pilot Robert Bambara (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics  HIV1 Harbors a tRNAlys3 Sequence in U3 that Promotes Strand Transfer
Pilot Hulin Wu (UR) / Kaja Abbas (UR) Biostatistics and Computational Biology Meta-population Model of HIV/TB Co-epidemics in a Cape Town community
Pilot Keren Middlekoop       (UR)      Perinatal Research Unit, South Africa Exploratory Study to Determine Identity, Social Networking and Circulating HIV Clades Among Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men (MSM) in Cape Town
Supplement Mark Sullivan (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Mimotope-based Assay for Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies 
Supplement Ha Youn Lee (UR) Biostatistics and Computational Biology “Checkmate” Vaccination by Manipulation of pMHC Conformation
Pilot Giovanni Schifitto (UR) Neurology Brain Plasticity in HIV Infected Individuals: A Pilot Study of Action Video Game Training
Pilot David Mathews (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics  Targeting RNA with Small Molecules: Application to HIV
Pilot Marvin Doyley (UR) Electrical and Computer Engineering Elastographic Imaging of HIV-Associated Brain Injury
Pilot David Adler (UR) Emergency Medicine Post-Vaccination HPV Genotype Distribution Among HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Young Women in Soweto, South Africa
Pilot Krupa Shah (UR) Medicine Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia in HIV/AIDS Older Adults
Pilot Krupa Shah (UR) Medicine Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia in HIV/AIDS Older Adults - AMENDED AIMS
Pilot Mundeep Kainth (UR) Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases Chromosomally integrated HHV-6 and HIV disease progression
Pilot Lisa DeLouise (UR) Dermatology Microbubble array technology for detecting HIV latently infected T cell reservoirs
Pilot Todd Krauss (UR) Chemistry Non-Invasive Photoelectric Stimulation of Neurons Using Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Pilot Andrew Berger (UR) Optics Spectroscopic quantitation of platelet degranulation processes
Pilot Nomvuyo Mahlangu (UR) School of Nursing Understanding Sexual Abstinence  and HIV Risk Reduction Strategies in South African Adolescent Girls
Pilot Jing Wang (UR) Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases The Role of PPAR-gamma in the Beneficial Effects of Sulfasalazine in Pneumocystis in Pneumonia Therapy
Pilot Vince Silenzio (UR) Psychiatry Rochester/Cape Town Men's Social Media Network Study
Pilot Andrea Bottaro (UR) Medicine, Allergy Immunology & Rheumatology Ant-HIV Antibody Responses in Human Tonsil 3D Bioreactor System
Supplement Andrea Sant (UR) CVBI Design of optimal multi-epitope vaccines to elicit CD4 T cell immunity to HIV
Supplement Danielle Benoit (UR) Biomedical Engineering Using Nanotechnology to Improve Mucosal Delivery of Candidate HIV-1 Vaccines
Supplement Krupa Shah (UR) Medicine Frailty and body composition in HIV-infected older adults
Supplement Steve Gill (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Oral Microbiota in HIV-Positive Individuals
Supplement Sanjay Maggirwar (UR) Microbiology and Immunology CD40L connects Aging, HIV-1 and Malignancy
Pilot Supriya Mohile (UR) Medicine Frailty in HIV-infected Older Adults
Pilot Jharon Silva (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Examination of the Effects of Red Blood Cell Dysfunction (fragility) and Free Plasma Hemoglobin Concentration on Cognition in an HIV+ Cohort
Travel Award Orlando Harris (UR) School of Nursing Exploring Social and Cultural Determinants of HIV among Young Jamaican Men who have Sex with Men
Pilot Douglas Portman (UR) CNDD, Biomedical Genetics A nematode model for Tat-mediated neurodegeneration
Pilot Dorota Piekna (UR) Microbiology and Immunology G-quartets role in HIV-1 genome dimerization and recombination.
Pilot James Kobie (UR) Medicine, Infectious Diseases  Transcriptome profiling of single clone HIV Env-specific B cells utilizing microbubbles
MicroGrant James McMahon (UR) School of Nursing Microgrant to support NIH application (in preparation): HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Implementation with US Serodiscordant Couples
Drug Development Delivery Pilot Award Program Bradley Nilsson (UR) MBI/Chemistry Identification of Novel Amyloid-Binding Molecules
MicroGrant Marguerite Urban (UR) Medicine, Infectious Diseases  Focus Group Study - Adaptation of an Intervention to Increase HIV Testing Among Heterosexual Couples at High Risk for HIV Transmission 
Pilot James Kobie (UR) Medicine, Infectious Diseases  Promoting Effective Humoral Responses Against HIV in the Setting of Substance Abuse.
Pilot Clara Kielkopf (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics  Host Cofactor Tat-SF1 as Molecular Adaptor for HIV-1 Replication
Pilot Amina Alio (UR) Public Health Sciences The influence of religion on treatment-related behaviors among Black persons living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and South Africa
Supplement Theresa Senn (UR) Medicine Development of a Technology-Based Intervention to Enhance Retention in HIV Care
Supplement Tinashe Mudzviti University of Zimbabwe Neonatal Hair Measurements to Evaluate In-utero Tenofovir Exposure
Voucher Elena Bugac (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics   C. albicans regulation 
MicroGrant Krupa Shah (UR) Medicine Feasibility of an Exercise Intervention in HIV+ Older Adults
MicroGrant Krupa Shah (UR) Medicine Feasibility of an Exercise Intervention in HIV+ Older Adults
MicroGrant Cindi Lewis (UR) Public Health Sciences Improving the effectiveness of the informed consent process in HIV Vaccine Trials
Pilot Jian Zhu (UR) Microbiology and Immunology A Host Restrictive Network Centering BRD4 in HIV Latency
Pilot Dorota Piekna (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Role of G-quadruplexes in Regulating Activity of HIV-1 Promoter
Pilot Sherry Spinelli (UR) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Effects of HAART and tobacco smoke on human platelet function
Supplement Hilliard Kutscher (UB)

Institute of Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics, SUNY Buffalo

Pharmacokinetics and Immunodynamics of Multi-Model Pharmacokinetics and Immunodynamics of Multi-Model Nanoparticles for TB

Pilot Theresa Senn (UR) School of Nursing The Impact of Trauma on Mucosal Immunity
Pilot Mark Dumont (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics Transmembrane Caax Protease Ste24p: Mechanisms of Peptide Cleavage and Inhibition by HIV Protease Inhibitors
Pilot Dmitri Ermolenko (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics Molecular Mechanisms of Ribosomal Frameshifting Utilized by HIV
Pilot Vince Silenzio (UR) Psychiatry

An mHealth Application to Promote Community Engagement & HIV Testing Among Chinese MSM

Pilot Mitchell Wharton (UR)/ Edward Brockenbrough (UR) School of Nursing / Warner School of Education

Sexually Oriented Engagements with Multiple Networked Technologies by Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men: Understanding Identities, Practices, and Implications for HIV Prevention

MicroGrant Gretchen Birbeck (UR) Neurology Preliminary data on brain MRI findings in HIV infected children presenting with cerebral malaria
MicroGrant Amy Braksmajer (UR) School of Nursing Acceptability and feasibility of using pre-exposure prophylaxis: perceptions of women experiencing intimate partner violence
Supplement Matthew P. DeLisa (Cornell) William L. Lewis Professor of Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University TACA-specific antibodies for Comparing Glycan Biomarkers in HIV Comorbidities 
MicroGrant Sherry Spinelli (UR) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine The Role of Exosomes in Thrombotic Risk in HIV: Effects of ART and tobacco smoke
Pilot Joseph Wedekind (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics Structural Analysis of a Novel Protein Interaction Targeting HIV-1 TAR RNA
Pilot Craig Morrell (UR)/ Sanjay Maggirwar (UR)/ Charles Lowenstein (UR) Medicine, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute/ Microbiology and Immunology/Medicine, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute Platelet derived Beta-2 (β2M) Microglobulin Accelerates HIV-Associated Neuroinflammation and Injury
Pilot Juilee Thakar (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Serology based systems modeling to improve treatment for atherosclerosis in people living with HIV
MicroGrant Gretchen Birbeck (UR) Neurology Examining HIV viral diversity among Zambian adults using HIV deep sequencing at Scripps Research
MicroGrant Joseph Wedekind (UR) Biochemistry and Biophysics Electrophoresis Power Supply to support the project Structural Analysis of a Novel Protein Interaction Targeting HIV-1 TAR RNA
MicroGrant Vir Singh (UR) Microbiology and Immunology Identification of the long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) required for establishment and maintenance of HIV latency
MicroGrant Tim Mosmann (UR) CVBI, Microbiology and Immunology Exploratory Analysis of Existing T cell Response Data from HVTN 105 Using SWIFT: Scalable Weighted Iterative Flow-clustering Technique
Microgrant John Foxe (UR) Neurosciences The Neurobiology of Inhibitory Control in HIV+ Individuals With a History of Cocaine Dependence
MicroGrant Harris Gelbard (UR) Neurology Purchase of circulating temperature-controlled bath to perform CLARITY on intact murine brains or brain slices
Supplement Elizabeth Asiago-Reddy (SUNY Upstate) SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY Discrete Choice Experiments for PrEP Uptake in Young Men Who have Sex With Men
Supplement Charles Venuto (UR) Neurology – Center for Experimental Therapeutics Pharmacokinetics of Methadone in HIV/HCV Infected Patients with and without Liver Fibrosis
Pilot Amy Braksmajer (UR) School of Nursing Formative Research to Assess Utility, Feasibility, and Acceptability of PrEP use Among MSM in Violent Relationships
Pilot Charles Lowenstein (UR) Medicine, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute HIV and Antiretroviral Therapy Triggers Endothelial Exocytosis and Vascular Inflammation
Pilot Sally Quataert (UR) CVBI, Microbiology and Immunology Discovering and measuring complex biomarker(s) that distinguish acute from chronic HIV infection
Neurology - Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (UR) / Department of Community Health and Health Behavior (UB)
Tenofovir in Hair Assay Development
Benjamin Miller (UR) and Paras Prasad (UB)
Dermatology (UR) /  Chemistry (UB)
Nanoformulation of HIV frameshift-stimulating small molecules
Giovanni Schifitto (UR), Qing Ma (UB) and Supriya Mahajan (UB)
Neurology (UR) / Pharmacy Practice (UB) / Medicine (UB)
Drug Interactions of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Dolutegravir at the Blood-Brain Barrier
Meera Singh (UR) and Thomas Cimato (UB)
Microbiology and Immunology (UR) / Medicine (UB)
Effects of HIV and Anti-Retroviral Therapy on Circulating Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells: Insight to Cardiovascular Disease Risk in HIV
LaRon Nelson (UR) and Qing Ma (UB)
School of Nursing (UR) / Pharmacy Practice (UB)
Tenofovir and Emtricitabine in Dried Blood Spots: A Measure of adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Pilot LaRon Nelson (UR) School of Nursing (UR) Pilot Implementation Trial of Accelerated Resolution Therapy for Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress in HIV Positive Immigrant, Refugee and Undocumented Africans, Caribbeans and Blacks in Canada
Pilot Collynn Woeller (UR) Environmental Medicine (UR) Antiretroviral Therapies (ARTs) promote adipogenesis: Implications for HIV/AIDS comorbidities
Pilot Diane Morse (UR) and Sarahmona Przybyla (UB)  Psychiatry (UR) / Department of Community Health and Health Behavior (UB) Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes toward Pre-Exposure Propylaxis (PrEP) among Future Health Professionals
Pilot Natalie Leblanc (UR) School of Nursing (UR) The Associations of structural factors, syndemic stress factor and behavioral outcomes of HIV transmission in Black MSM: Investigating relationship status as an effect moderator
Pilot David Bearden (UR) Neurology (UR) Neurocognitive Disorders in Children with HIV in Zambia
Pilot Cindy Monaco (UR) Infectious Diseases (UR) The Female Reproductive Tract Microbiome in HIV
Microgrant J Guilhermo Christiano (UR) Plastic Surgery (UR) Assessment of Patient Desires and Outcomes in Transgender Female to Male Masculinization Surgery
Microgrant Harold Smith (UR) and Alan Friedman (UB) Biochemistry and Biophysics (UR) and Engineering and Applied Science (UB) RNA Sequences that Determine Host Restriction Factor APOBEC3G Assembly with HIV Virions
Pilot Martin Zand (UR) and Katia Noyes (UB) Medicine - Nephrology (UR) and Epidemiology and Environmental Health (UB) Using Time Varying Motif Analysis to Predict HIV Viral Load Response
Pilot Clara Kielkopf (UR) and Ram Samudrala (UB) Biochemistry and Biophysics (UR) and Biomedical Informatics (UB) Targeting a Host Cofactor for HIV-1 Replication and Latency
Pilot Joseph Wedekind (UR) and Ram Samudrala (UB) Biochemistry and Biophysics (UR) and Biomedical Informatics (UB)
Structure-Guided Computational Screening of HIV-1 TAR To Identify Novel Inhibitors
Pilot Natalie Leblanc (UR), Adrian Juarez (UB) and Jason Mitchell (UH) School of Nursing (UR), School of Nursing (UB), and Health Policy and Management (UH)
Investigating the Acceptability of an eHealth HIV Prevention Toolkit for Black Heterosexual Couples in Western New York State
Pilot Charles Venuto (UR) and Cindy Bednasz (UB) Neurology - Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (UR) and Department of Pharmacy Practice (UB) Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry for Simultaneous Measurement of Markers of HIV Treatment and Disease
Pilot Diane Morse (UR) and Sarahmona Przybyla (UB)  Psychiatry (UR) / Department of Community Health and Health Behavior (UB) Understanding HIV Risks and Drug Use Trajectories Among Women Opioid Users in Specialized Drug Court
Pilot Vir Singh (UR) and Michael Higgins (Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center) Microbiology and Immunology (UR) / Molecular and Cellular Biology (Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center) Targeting Polymerase III transcribed long noncoding RNAs for reactivation of HIV latency