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Kihong Lim
Research Interest: Innate immunity in influenza infection, Regulation of immune responses via trail formation

Alexandra Livingstone
Research Interest: Understanding mechanisms for generating and maintaining T cell memory, with particular emphasis on responses primed by immunization with dendritic cells

Jim Miller
Research Interest: Molecular and cellular events that regulate T cell signaling and activation

Tim Mosmann
Research Interest: The regulation of cytokine responses of human and mouse T-cell subsets in infections asthma, allergy and autoimmunity

Andrea Sant
Research Interest: Influenza specific immunity, vaccine design and regulation of T cell responses to pathogens.

David Topham
Research Interest: Multiple roles of virus-specific Band T cells in determining the outcome of viral infection of the respiratory tract. Long term protective effect of immunological mechanisms.

Felix Yarovinsky
Research Interest: Innate immunity, Host-microbial interactions, Immunoparasitology, Mucosal immunology