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URMC / Employee Assistance Program / News & Events / UR Medicine EAP Blog / March 2023 / Focus on Excellence, Not Perfection

Focus on Excellence, Not Perfection

Excellence at work involves setting high standards and striving to achieve them. But not letting go of a work project because it is not “perfect” is a path to frustration and burnout. Most people know that perfectionism is not attainable, but it may not feel like it when it’s your project. Just one more tweak seems critical. And then another. Start by not labeling yourself “a perfectionist.” Next, think about your relationship with mistakes and failure. Do you see these things as personal flaws rather learning experiences? If so, being self-critical is likely a habit that accompanies your perfectionism. Talk to a professional counselor. You will learn how to reframe how you view mistakes, errors, and imperfections, and see these as opportunities to practice letting go, patience, and self-love.


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