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How to Prepare a Winning Report

The following time-tested tips will help win the day with most presentation reports if you have not already been given a model to follow. 1) At the top of your report put a title, date, and your name. 2) Create several headings of the key matters or issues you will discuss in the report. The first heading is the “Introduction”; the next few are the key concerns—the purpose of your report. 3) Below these headings, create another heading labeled “Key Questions Answered.” 4) Finally, at the end, create a heading titled “Summary.” Get up from your seat and physically walk to the other side of the table. Pretend you’re the boss and ask aloud several crucial questions you imagine will be asked. Discuss these answers in sections #2 and #3 as you generate the report. Write the end summary next, and the introduction last. Proofread with a pointer and read each word aloud. Set your report aside for 20-30 minutes, and repeat this step. Fine-tune the report with desired changes.


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