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Residency Management/Administrative Track

UR Simon Graduate School of Business

The rapidly changing environment of healthcare finance mandates leadership founded on both excellent clinical knowledge and experience and a firm understanding of business process and principles. Residents who are planning careers in healthcare leadership, whether running a group, a department, a hospital or healthcare system, will be well-served by obtaining formal education through the Simon Business School. The Simon School offers a certificate or Master’s degree. The degree program has 4 Quarters: Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer culminating in a 6 credit team project. Independent and/or Field Study is also available. This Master's degree can be completed in three years or during residency training. We support this process by providing resources for: protocol development, IRB approval, clinical research implementation, data collection and analysis, presentation and publication of research. Time out of the clinical environment necessary for these learning experiences is granted to the learner with established clinical proficiency.

Sample Schedule

URMC Anesthesiology (CBY, CA1, CA 2, and CA 3) in combination with Master’s Sample Schedule

  • Year 1-CBY Intern Rotations over 3-6 months and Anesthesiology Rotations over 6-9 months
  • Year 2-CA 1 anesthesiology rotations
    • 9 Master’s credits over 2 semesters (or 12 over 3 semesters)
  • Year 3- CA 2 anesthesiology rotations
    • 9 Master’s credits 2 semesters (or 12 over 3 semesters)
  • Year 4-CA 3 anesthesiology rotations
    • 12 credits over 2 or 3 semesters (or 9 over 2 or 3 semesters)

For more information, please visit Simon Graduate School of Business Part-Time Medical Management website