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Education Track

UR Warner School of Education

Residency Education Track

We encourage resident participation in an education track that culminates in a department granted certificate or a Master’s degree granted by UR Warner School of Education. Either pathway prepares the resident for the academic role of clinician/educator, making you a highly desired candidate to help lead an educational program at any major academic medical center. Both the certificate and Master’s degree can be completed by the time the resident graduates and provide multiple teaching experiences, formal courses in teaching and learning, feedback on teaching skills development and mentorship in education research. Time out of the clinical environment necessary for these learning experiences is granted to the learner with established clinical proficiency.  

UR Margaret Warner School (30 credits for M.S. Health Professions Education- HPE) – Sample Curriculum – The Warner school has 3 semesters annually: Fall, Spring and Summer which can be completed in 3 years by taking 3-4 courses per year. Health Professions Education courses are offered in a variety of formats including online, hybrid online, and face-to-face. Most face-to-face courses meet in the evenings (4:50pm-7:30pm; 7:35 pm – 10:15pm) and hybrid courses have a few all day classes (8:30 am – 4:00pm).

Sample Schedule

URMC Anesthesiology (CBY, CA1, CA 2, and CA 3) in combination with Master’s Sample Schedule

  • Year 1-CBY Intern Rotations over 3-6 months and Anesthesiology Rotations over 6-9 months
  • Year 2-CA 1 anesthesiology rotations
    • 9 Master’s credits over 2 semesters (or 12 over 3 semesters)
  • Year 3- CA 2 anesthesiology rotations
    • 9 Master’s credits 2 semesters (or 12 over 3 semesters)
  • Year 4-CA 3 anesthesiology rotations
    • 12 credits over 2 or 3 semesters (or 9 over 2 or 3 semesters)
      (Independent and/or Field Study are options)

For more information, please visit the Warner School of Education